Monday, August 11, 2008

Wow! Edmonton

It may not seem like a lot of miles per day, but since I left Fredericton, NB I have been doing 400 miles per day. I almost have forgotten what it was like to motor along doing 150 or 200 over an 8 hour ride sightseeing and enjoying the ride. That last sentence is not meant to imply that I have not enjoyed the last 3000 miles, but there is a difference of being able to look at everything and of watching the road, the sides of the road and the horizon.

With all that said, since Ontario it has been flat and strait, verdant and fertile, windy where it was once breezy - putting miles behind me in this terrain was good. It was New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario that I really wish wasn't so rushed.

Hmmm... I must be starved for conversation. Because of this, I feel like I have dominated the conversations every time I stop to visit with friends. So, to Jack and Diane, APT and Curt and Jenna, I hope I wasn't too imposing and thanks for all your time and hospitality. It was fun catching up:-) Hope to monopolize other people's time as I ride on through.

To those I missed for various reasons, I am sure that I will be back that way some other time. What a great way to roadtrip!!

Tomorrow I turn North to Alaska and the cooler weather. Forecast for Dawson's Creek (my next stop) is a high of 22 and low of 11 (71 and 51 F to all those who can't convert on the fly) with rain showers all the way from Edmonton. I would like to chill out for another day, but who knows when the snows will fall up the Dalton Hwy - no time to rest just yet.

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Jacques said...

Hi Brett,
This is Jacques, the cyclist. Dropping in to see how you are doing. Heading for Alaska, already. Hope you do not encounter any bad weather. Also hope you are getting as much out of this trip than expected.

I wish you are enjoying your Canadian experience.

Take care and be safe.