Friday, August 1, 2008


Irony is buying a bottle of Zout (a stain remover similar to Shout) to remove some oil stains from a pair of pants and shirts and then having it spill on everything else staining those items. 

Of course, they aren't really stained since it is supposed to wash out. It is all over my maps (ruining them), a book (salvageable, but had to use a hair dryer) and all over everything else that was in that box. There is one good thing to come of this - everything smells VERY nice now. Especially my oil rags (which were soaked in it). I have stuffed the rags in my helmet over night to see if they can get rid of the funk that has grown from days of high humidity and heat. This might make me refrain from throwing my helmet out. Too bad I didn't put the Zout in the bag with the stained clothes - the stains might have come out and they would smell good too. Ah, life on the road:-)

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