Wednesday, August 6, 2008 shit!

After riding for 3 hours in the rain with no let up in site, I turned into town at Sudbury, Ontario - about 150 miles short of what I wanted. If there hadn't been so much lightning I might have continued. It was so dark at 2 PM it seemed like it was 9 PM and with all my lights on I felt like I was riding at night in the rain. Not a big deal, but lightning just sketches me out. The thoughts of having a lightning bolt hit me and surviving only to die in some "horrible metal meets rock and gravel melange" that gives me the shivers. Which is what brings me to ... no shit!

Some dude in flip-flops sees me, dripping and leaving a trail of rain water in my wake, carrying my wet bags to my room and stops me to say, "It must be wet out there." 

What gave it fucking away? The thunder rumbling around the building? The way the lobby lights up when bolts of lightning light up the sky? It is hard to miss... large glass windows look right out into the street where gutters are flooded, cars are creeping along, windows have rain drops on them. 

"It must be wet out there"... That is all. No follow up.

I might not be so cynical if I hadn't pulled up and had some people out smoking and sniggering at me. I find that to be one of the funny things about humans; that they get enjoyment seeing people hurt or discomforted that boggles my mind. People see a rider in the rain and think it is a bad thing, so they laugh. This is the same mentality that finds the crashes at NASCAR to be the reason to watch or why they watch wrestling or slow down to peer at the accident on the side of the road to see if they can see blood. Little do they know that riding in the rain can be part of the joy of a long ride. The joke is on them, but I am still annoyed that someone would find pleasure in what they consider to be a hardship. 

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