Monday, August 4, 2008


...and I don't mean Duxoup (pronounced: Ducksoup - a nice winery in CA - try the Syrah, it is very nice! Well, so is the Sangiovese...). 
Leaving Fredericton was just like any other day except that I had 350 miles to ride today just to get to Quebec. That is a very manageable pace for me if I don't get hung up with anything - like stopping to hang out with Yogi and Boo Boo.
Once I hit the St Lawrence River it went from rain to rain and fog. When I say "fog", I don't mean like something that rolls in and out or the kind that you can still make out shapes and colors. When I say fog, I am talking about the "thick as split pea soup" type of fog. I felt like I was in a Condition 1 storm in Antarctica looking for the flag route. For some reason I thought that it couldn't rain in the fog. I couldn't be more mistaken! Not only was there fog that was palpable and Alfred Hitchcock-like ominous, I had to sort out the driving rain. 
(No fog yet - just a little bit of rain)
Fortunate for me I am not easily daunted and pressed on. Well, I had nowhere to go... if I stopped and pulled to the side of the road I might become a target for the next moving vehicle, if I slowed my pace I might have the same situation... so I moved on at the same pace and hoped that gravity would not suddenly get all jiggy on me and shake my world up. After half an hour like that the fog started to dissipate leaving just the rain to sort out. About an hour later the rain went away long enough to dry me off and start all over again. That was the whole day - rain, fog, rain, fog, rain, drizzle, dry, drizzle, dry... oh yeah - it got cold!!! Right before the fog I was clocking 49 degrees. Good thing I put my fleece on because that turned into 45 in the fog. Good thing I came prepared:-) I am finally using everything that I brought.

I didn't know it could be rain and have fog that was like trying to look through clam chowder. I thought that was an impossibility or perhaps it is snow I am thinking about.

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