Thursday, August 7, 2008

Charlotte has come a long way

First she had a web, now she has a town, a ville and a whole city named after her. Crazy little spider!

A couple of moments in Charlottesville with Aaron. Too bad that silly little black bear was too shy to allow me to take his photo... You would think that he would be more like Yogi. 

So, how is it that Yogi doesn't have a middle name like Smokey does?
Grasses and crops on PEI - I really got into the way the greens were so natural. All the food here was grown, raised or caught on or around the island. I will be adding a "must eat at" restaurant in Charlottetown, PEI in the next day or two. I need to dig out the paper that I wrote the info on. I took some good notes on Malpeque Oysters and the differences and types. 
As beautiful as the day before was, this day was horribly rainy and full of fog and cold and mist and, and...


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to compliment you on the bridge photo .... great photo! The water was extremely rough that day and the winds were strong. I was in the restaurant that overlooks the bridge the day you stopped for lunch. I was one of those "Crazies" that made the silly comment, "I hope you don't have far to go in this rain!". Interestingly, your response was, "I don't mind the rain!"

Safe travels and keep journalling .... this is the only way I get to travel (through others!). jr

BAJ said...

I do remember you guys. When I made that comment I was thinking of someone else - definitely not you! Your tone was of concern whereas the person I referred to was not so worried about the human condition.
I am glad you are tuning in - I would have second thoughts about leaving New Brunswick with all the beauty that is around me. You don't have to travel far to find something amazing to immerse yourself in.
I truly hope you didn't think I was referring to you - it wasn't meant that way. I was just ranting in Sudbury, Ontario - not much else to do there in the rain:-)

Katherine said...

Forget the crazies, where's the restaurant review for the foodies among you?

BAJ said...

Kat, I am working on something for the "foodies". Just have to find a moment. It seems like I have been on the go for too many days without any time off.