Tuesday, August 5, 2008

No more slow days - Heading West

I think I just had my last fresh meal for a little while. My intention was to meet up with Kevin in a couple of days in his home town of Fredericton, but it looks like he is taking advantage of a long weekend and getting out of town during that time. (Kevin, I'll definitely be back for a few beers - just not in the immediate future - NS, PEI and NB are some of the best places I have been to in a long time... I'll keep the secret).

It has taken me 48 days to get here and I plan to get to Fairbanks within the next 15 days. Here is the map of my route from PEI (Prince Edward Island) to Fairbanks, AK. It is pretty ambitious, but not insurmountable.

Click on route above or the link below.


This is my route thus far: You might have to advance the map by clicking pages at bottom of page. You might also be able to view in Google Earth - not sure on this yet. I know I can, but I am the author so it may be different. It is best viewed in GE - if you can save it, in GE look at it from there. GE has some good info as well as the map.


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Katherine said...

15 days. That is going to be one long ride! Hope the weather is good to you - we're on day 22 of temperatures over 90 degrees here. I can't wait to see my electric bill!