Monday, September 8, 2008

Whales of the Inside Passage

Pardon the perceived repetitiveness of some of these pics, but there is just something about watching whales do their thing that is extremely exciting to me. Here are a few to wrap your mind around. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE expand these to full size, and then note the reflection of the water spout on the still water... oh, and the whale's dorsal and fluke (tail).
... and after they had taken their requisite breath, with the flick of their fluke, they are...
... gone.
 The above whales were too far for me to determine if they were humpbacks or something else (minke, right, blue, etc)... I lean toward humpbacks because I have never seen a minke whale's fluke (tail) when it dives and I don't think that blues and rights run in these waters. Orcas do...

Note the area just in front of the surfacing orca in the first picture, then scroll down. 
I do like these shots, but stay tuned for those I post from Vancouver Island... They came right up to the boat.

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