Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tall trees and blue oxen

I fully expected Barney to come out asking Andy where his bullets were. Cars just aren't made this way anymore. 
No motor homes or trailers allowed on these roads through the Redwood National Forest. It may be obvious why to some, but by the looks of some of these trees lining the road, there are still a few people driving that don't read the signs and get stuck.
What a view on the coast! This is what I was thinking of when I think Oregon coast. Craggy rocks, jutting from the floor of the ocean with waves crashing overtop. Perhaps it is the clear, sunny skies that does it for me and was absent while riding through Oregon. 
I just don't seem to feel the need for pavement these past 70 or so miles. Sure, I could ride the main route, but when it is so amazing here... why would I want to?
Paul Bunyon and Babe are definitely on scale with the Redwoods that surround them. Even still, they are dwarfed by all but the smallest of these trees (as is my bike).

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