Sunday, September 21, 2008

Real life

I have traveled 18,000 + miles on this trip so far and I am running into realities that I never thought I would bump into. Those realities are the ever glaring unresolved issues I was working on before I left Denver and had assigned an attorney to help sort out. As with anything that is complicated enough to involve an attorney, this one is just not going away. Perhaps I will have better information in the next few weeks and I will be able to continue on. If things can't be resolved from the road, I may have to head for home. 

I also have some banking issues in Texas that need resolution - stuff that I thought I had taken care of when I was there, but I have been embrangled in a flurry of notary, ID and certified documents for the past three months and seem no closer to sorting out the issue. It may take a quick flight to Corpus Christi to finalize this stuff.

All of that is just emphasized by the current financial crisis that we are enmeshed in. With the US in a panic and no solution in sight, I am feeling a concern growing that I am avoiding my realities and should be paying a little more attention to what is going on in the stock market. Every time I hear someone speak on this crisis, I want to strangle them. Not a single person has touched on the singular reality that we need to create regulations for WORLD banking. I keep hearing "national" regulations on financial institutions. This is a "global" problem and we cannot miss that.

That leads into the upcoming election - I have not seen my absentee ballot come across my email. I will NOT not vote in this election. This one is too important to me to ignore. If the candidate that I don't think is right for the job is elected, I plan to liquidate, sell my house and move to a country less offensive to my intelligence level. Of course, if my candidate is elected, it will restore my faith in country and the intellect of the people. (You will know who I voted for after the election by the country that I reside in)

What all this means...

If, in the next month, I can sort out what I have been trying to sort out for the past two and a half months with little success, (granted, I have been in places that are a little less than ideal {Alaska, The Yukon, Etc...} for electronic banking  and business support.) I will continue. If I cannot, I will be heading home. I will just have to reschedule the rest until I can sort everything out.

I hate reality sometimes;-)

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