Monday, September 29, 2008

"The pool is open!"

All the divers know what I mean by that...

I am not sure how many of you have seen these videos or have heard about Matt "Where in the Hell is Matt" (a guy that has gone around the world dancing). I have listed a couple of links here (I think the second one is 2007 and first is 2008) for your enjoyment AND I thought I would play a little game. As you can see below, I have a number next to my name. That number represents each place that Matt has been that I have also been to. I am not talking about the country, but the actual city or town. 

Feel free to share your results... or don't. It is just for entertainment purposes, but if you have less than 5 on the first and 10 places on the second, it is mandatory that you should go out and, either get a passport OR get a plane ticket somewhere. Get out and see stuff!

If all goes as per plan, I can add a good half dozen to a dozen new places on this trip alone. Come out and play:-)

Bret = 25 of the places that Matt has danced
Bret = 19 of the places that Matt has danced''

Wine country... pardon all the underexposed or grainy photos for this post. They are not what I consider worthy, but...

Now keep in mind, Matt hasn't danced in all the places that I have been, nor have I been to all the places that he has been to, but these videos have given me new places to look into. I don't feel a need to compete with someone on travel, but if you have seen the push-pins in the maps in my office at home you can see that I do keep tabs of where I have been, I am just of the belief that it is important to experience as many places and things as one can before he (or she) is laid to rest. 

Wow! How civilized is that? "Laid to rest"... how very organic and politically correct! Why do we not say what we mean without descending into the "soft" cliche or tidy little words? Is it out of fear of death? I for one feel it best to live without the thought of the inevitable. When does it become time to start thinking of "that" time? Do we celebrate a long life by waiting until we are of the age of George Burns who had a spectacularly long, cigar-filled life, and was able to gather his thoughts of his dying, or do we lament the shortness of a person's life as we should Daniel Pearl's who was kidnapped and killed in Karachi, Pakistan without much planning whatsoever? Should we say, "rough air" when we really mean "turbulence"?

Either way, both men chose a way of life that was suited for their comfort levels and a desire to experience those things that challenged them. Perhaps they both were able to realize that they lived in the way they were meant to and had satisfaction in that at the end. It is hard to think that Daniel Pearl had satisfaction, but I hope that he was at peace with his life at the time of his execution. 

Whoa! Don't get me wrong. I am not at all thinking on the end of my life so early, but the celebration of living the way that one choses is of utmost importance. That was reaffirmed this weekend upon meeting some living legends and others of their/my ilk. More on that in future posts. 

After almost four months on the road, the many amazing people met, the many miles ridden and many gallons of wine, beer and whiskey that have passed my lips, I  have found a renewed passion for my trip. The person in the center wearing the blue shirt is Ted Simon who, in 1973 got on a motorcycle for the first time and rode around the world for 4 years ending in 1977 during a time when the world was a little less connected and riding a motorcycle around the world was not a regular occurrence. 
I randomly stumbled across this motorcycle rally during a phone conversation while booking my 18,000 mile service. Isso, the Service Manager for BMW of San Francisco told me that people were going to camp out, have barbeque and do a short ride and it would all start at the Rio Nida Roadhouse which was just 14 miles from where I was staying in Sonoma. 
It was great to talk with folks that are familiar with the challenges that I have been through and the issues that I will have as I continue. It was also amusing that I had read some blogs of a few of the folks that were here. Go Darth Peach!!! Keep riding girl! I love the posts and the photos!

More to come...

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