Monday, September 15, 2008


This is a (relatively) new BMW HP2 ridden by a 62 year old man that just arrived back on the Casiar Highway from The Yukon. That cowling around his gas tank is actually a snow shovel. The duct tape on his seat is an upholstery job to lower his seat (and add an old mountain bike inner tube). The widened windscreen is a series of other cobbled pieces of clear plastic and hardened solid plastic. All of this he covered with camouflaged tape to hide the fact that he is on a BMW (or so I think). This guy doesn't carry a tent, he just lies down and covers himself with a moon blanket. This latest trip he just got back from took him away for 4 weeks and all he took was that little duffle bag.  I have a tent AND a sleeping bag! I also have tools and a fly rod and tackle. I have three changes of clothes and rain gear. I have two pair of shoes and this computer. I also have two cameras and three lenses. 

When I compare all I am toting around and compare it to that little duffle... I feel like such a poser!
Not the first totem I had seen, but certainly the shortest.
Now that is a house boat. You can't see it, but there is a very large tug boat pulling these two barges.
The mainland. It seems like I have been on a boat for many days lately. I sort of like that feeling of being "out of touch" with the real world. As I said that, I realized that I made an unfair statement and there are two different realities of that statement. Those that live on land and those that live most of their lives on a boat/ship/vessel. 

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Rach said...

Beautiful photos! It was SO great seeing you and I'm sorry we didn't touch base again while you were here. Graham started school and I've been on the go nonstop shuttling kids to and from school and activities. We all had a great time - I think Garth even warmed up and came out of his shell a bit! ;) Emma and Graham send their love and Graham says "this is NOT good"!
xoxo - Rach