Thursday, July 10, 2008


Apparently I was going to write something about hotel laundry service being crappy. At this point in the night all I can think about is not hitting thrreee keeys at the same time and that Holly Hunter is hot. It doesn't seem like there is a whole lot more up there.

Okay, I know APT is going to call me on this one, but I have to say it... Can you believe that the NRA's home is in Winchester, VA?  (apparently they just share the same exit - But come on! That is not insignificant!)

What is so cool about Holly Hunter? Other than the Piano, what else has she done that is significant?

Back to the stains. Why is it that if you turn your laundry in to the hotel's laundry service that you will get it back as if they just pressed the clothes and sent them back OR there is new dirt that you didn't cause? 

Hmmm... What else can I say? Dang, it is late! Heck, I can't recall my thoughts from the day. Darn it, why did APT have to get me drunk in Charlottesville? How come people always blame someone else when they get their drunk on? 

Kudos to APT! It has been many years since I have got my drunk on.


APT said...

Just because I know the three cool bars in town does NOT mean that you had to start drinking scotch at 11pm! It was good to see you, drink with you, float with you and sweat with you while you were here. Y'all come on back now...

Oh, and I think Winchester is actually three exits worth of highway - not just the one with the NRA!

Katherine said...

Appropos hotel laundry... when we stayed at the hotel (in Ascona, Switzerland) that my uncle managed we dropped off all our laundry. And my underwear came back washed *and* ironed.

kimberly said...

I wonder, did you instintively duck down as you rode by the NRA exit?
Hmmmm, my experience with a laundry service at a hostel in Peru left me with three additional pairs of panties (not mine!), and anything white came back bluish-gray. Lovely.