Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cape Cod (otherwise named, "One more reason to hope Global Warming melts both ice caps soon")

Cape Cod - Nothing good to say about it. No need to ever go back. It is a heinous place and an experience that I would not want to repeat being in a place that has too much traffic for the roads. The roads were designed to support horse drawn carriages. Okay, they are perfectly serviceable, but were meant to support perhaps 500 people, but 25,000 are on the roads... OH YEAH... They blocked two of the main roads (there are ONLY two main roads in this area) off at the same time for construction. 

Upon arrival to a motel in Bourne, MA, (an entry point to Cape Cod) I parked the bike to check in a way that was not normal to how I usually park. It was late, I was tired and I just wanted to check in and get some sleep. I got the room and just had to move the bike to the room - with the angle of the hill I was in danger of tipping the bike over to the right side if I were to mount it here so I pushed it a little down the hill...only to drop it on the left side. So, with the bike lying downhill I tried to right it and found it to be too much, so I started to unload the bike. At this time two men that were checking in came out and helped me out. So... with the bike still on the awkward hill, I start to load it... As soon as I put the seat bag on the bike fell the other direction. You can't help but laugh at this. If there were two more idiots out there we would be Stooges, but it was just me making up for the others.   

Even after my comedy of errors, I still intended to head out to Provincetown (P-Town) in the morning... I am sure that there was more to see, but this was all I got. The Pilgrim's Monument (or something like that). I was just ready to get back to the mainland and continue on.

Prior to arriving in CC I had been cut off twice by different drivers just after I left Rhode Island. After leaving CC I was cut off again. Same M.O. - female, age between 50 and 60 and they all pulled right out in front of me from an intersection. In all three cases they only gave me about 20 feet to slow up, which meant that I had to really get on my breaks while I down-shifted. In one case I couldn't slow up fast enough so I had to go into the oncoming lane so I didn't hit her. 

Plymouth, MA was a nice treat after being in Cape Cod hell. I rolled up (again later than I wanted - because of the roads in CC) and found a room and a couple of other riders sitting outside their room having an after ride drink. Clay and Kit were from Upstate New York and down for a weekend trip to Plymouth. Their last trip was to Sturgis and a few other trips about the same length, they thought they would stay a little closer to home on this trip. We got to talking and they offered a nice glass of Scotch which turned out to be a full wine glass of Scotch. Nothing better than a 5 finger pour on an empty stomach. Whew! It was a nice 15 block walk to dinner.

The next day I made my way to Boston for a look around, find a place to spend a couple of nights and see the city. As I made it into Boston I was almost side-swiped when what appeared to be a middle aged woman changed lanes and ran me into the lawn of a park. Good thing there was somewhere to go. For almost 6000 miles I had come away with little to talk about in the way of stupid drivers, but in one state I have seen some of the worst driving of any other state (even in Manhattan) and it is not a big state. Even the ones that didn't almost hit me were ridiculous! I am not even going to talk about the person that hit me in South Carolina. That situation was stupid (she changed lanes hitting my right rear with her front left - very much in her line of sight) and it wasn't much of anything at all. Just a tap and we both moved away. No harm, no foul. That didn't bother me at all, but these 4 instances had me spooked so I left for New Hampshire in the pouring rain. I would rather ride in the rain than stay in Boston.

Massachusetts is giving West Texas a run for its money on my shit scale. In fact, upon reflection, Texas is far behind Mass.

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