Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I should have listened to Bob and Kate when they offered for me to stay in their guest house in Rhode Island and see a bit more of the Ocean State. Bob told me that I should spend more time checking out RI instead of going to Cape Cod. 

Beavertail Lighthouse is the 3rd oldest in the US (1749) and the adjoining house was built in 1898. 
I started talking to Bob (Matin) at Razee's Motorcycle shop while I was getting new tires. As you may recall, I had a flat in New York City and repaired it enough to get to the next stop where I could get it fixed. North Kingston, RI was about 175 miles from NYC and seemed to be the best place to head off to. Anyway, Bob and I talked about RI and how great it was (and Bob is right - definitely one of my favorite spots so far) and that I should spend some time in his fine state and ignore the cape. He and his wife Kate later called to ask if I would like to stay at their house for a couple of days to hang out, soak in the hot tub, drink some wine, etc... Instead, I left toward Cape Cod to try to keep on schedule. This was my worst decision yet.

I could have stayed in Jamestown, RI a bit longer. I just felt so much like I had been here before. It was euphoric just crossing the bridge - this is the first day in 42 days that the temps were below 90 degrees. Wow! What a treat! I did have an eerie feeling upon crossing the bridge. Everything felt so very familiar and like home to me. 

Every turn I made seemed to be familiar. 
Even the roads that didn't show on maps or GPS were familiar and I just followed them as if I knew where I was going on my way to get to the lighthouse or to the wharf or around an obstruction (rock outcropping). Very strange to ponder how I knew this place so well.
I have always been good with directions, perhaps I am just intuitive about stuff like this, but how do I account for the comfort and ease that I felt in this place.

This is the view from the main road toward the marina.
Claiborne Pell Bridge (or the Newport Bridge)

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