Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Some sights up to now... now is Washington, DC

This is where you can find the current map. If you can't click on it, paste this address:
Must be the fog... or the humidity on my lens.
Do I need to explain what might occur here? "Grown Folks Party", is that what they are calling a "key party" these days?
North Carolina, home of the first flight and Kitty Hawk. 
Little (4'11") Judy was riding this crazy inverted trike. She used to ride a  V-Strom but wanted something a little shorter and less effort.
Two hour ferry ride...clear skies! Yeah!!!
After 2 hours on the ferry... Holy crap - look at those clouds!

Something is living here, can you see them? One of the houses in a residential area on Cape Hateras.
I don't know why I am taking all these state sign photos. I can't remember who suggested it, but at the time I just blew it off and now it has turned into a little game I play with myself. I am missing Maryland so far... unless they don't post one when you enter DC. I might have to get into Maryland proper.

Something that needs to be mentioned is the different types of food served that is based on what is available. We all know the New Orleans faire and have a good idea that you can get good seafood in Florida and Alabama and Mississippi are keen on shrimp. I didn't know that the Carolinas and Georgia had just as many shrimp dishes. As I head north I am seeing more crab on the menu (crab cakes, crab louie, halibut stuffed with crab, rock fish stuffed with crab, shampoo for crabs, crab claws, you name it - if it has crabs in it I have seen it) and that seems to be a good thing. I had the most amazing stuffed halibut the other day. It was cooked perfectly, but what would you expect from McCormick's? Oysters from Chesapeake Bay in Maryland are now popular... mmmm! I can't wait until Maine's lobster, Prince Edward Island's oysters and Alaskan salmon - maybe even some moose steaks in Maine or Canada.


MDH said...

FYI, map link is not working.

Love reading about your misadventures.

Miss and love you, my Irish friend!

Rose said...

Thanks for writing this.