Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Outer Banks, NC

Outer Banks (OBX) is spectacular and the ride north into Virginia is only rivaled by what has come before. There is something about the inlets, rivers, and other bodies of water that so intrigue me. 
It was easy to break up my trip into small bites from Savannah to OBX. I had planned to stay several nights on the islands, but was stopped by torrential rains and lightning a couple of nights. Rain doesn't bother me much, but the lightning is a little disconcerting when it was as close as it was. I actually stayed the same amount of time I had planned, but I didn't play on the beaches like I would have liked. Not for lack of desire, but they were closed due to the nesting of the Piping Plover. Apparently they are here at a different time and in greater numbers, so they closed a lot of the beaches. 
Remember as a kid when you learned about the Wright Brothers and Kitty Hawk? I always knew it was in North Dakota, but I never realized that it was within a mile of a beach east and west of the hill. Perhaps I was told that and wasn't geographically savvy at the time. The brothers would have had to ship any of their tools and supplies by ship/boat from the mainland. I really don't think that they had that fancy two mile long bridge in place at the time.
Virginia Beach and Chesapeake are my first tastes of Virginia and I would have to say that I am pleasantly surprised at some of the changes. There seems to be a bit more wealth here (no shit, huh?) than the southern states below. The houses are built better and if people are on the coast they are in 40' schooners and ketches vs. bass boats and pontoon day cruisers.


Rach said...

Kitty Hawk is in North Dakota???

BAJ said...

DUDE!?! Can you fuckin' believe it...