Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Spectacular sunset, but too little time

I truly planned to stay in Washington for more than two nights. Let me revise that to be a check in at 8pm, a full day trying to catch up on stuff (bank, laundry in sink, reorganizing bags, etc...), an afternoon of walking around, dinner and then a few photos followed by an early check-out and lunch before going back south to Charlottesville. Definitely not enough time here!
When I cut off my planned trip to the panhandle of Florida and started feeling rushed to get to Alaska, I screwed up my schedule. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to back track anywhere. I sacrificed seeing Washington and my buddy Darrel for APT and staying in the woods for a few days. It turns out that I chose the right path. I was able to hang out with APT for more than the few hours we spent together in Denver last year and I got to see some amazing historical sites. 

Before I get to Charlottesville, let me touch on my stay in DC. It is crowded and driving is fouled up by tourists, blockades, protest marches, the goof-ball we call president had somewhere to go while I was there and I got caught in the traffic caused by his cavalcade. Even through all this I was able to pull off on a curb and, with my camera on the ground, take this photo of the National Monument.
I liked how the women in DC dressed. They dress smart and businesslike. This place has a comfortable feel to it... if you could get rid of the traffic.

Sorry I missed you Darrell!! Just ran out of time and seemed to get busy elsewhere.

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