Tuesday, June 17, 2008

President Above

Odd thing about taking a road trip, you just never know how far you are going to get. As much as you think you can get another 100 miles, there is always something that comes up to set you back. The first day was lack of sleep the night before, the second day was a late start, the third day - well I did pretty well the third day. The fourth day I got jacked up by the heat. There is nothing more draining than 100 degree wind hitting your face and wicking away the sweat before it cools you down. I just couldn't make the last 100 miles to Corpus Christi so I stopped some place that looked like it had good AC. 

My whole goal is not to find myself riding all day like I have been. The goal is to see the sights, but since there aren't any sights in Texas (I haven't been through the Austin area on this trip, so I am aware that there is some beauty in this dog-forsaken state) I am just trying to get through to CC and then Houston as fast as I can. 

I do suppose that I have done a few things more than sit on my bike and ride. I had a few beers with a truck driver that had a political opinion about everything and even had an amusing idea about running for president. His idea is to legally change his name to "None of the Above". That way he would always be on the ballot and with a poor selection of candidates he might have a chance to be elected. He was a good drinking buddy, but then again, I heard the same thing about our current president. Both have about the same amount of common sense and intelligence...well, actually the truck driver might be a bit sharper than Bush.

As keen as I am to be camping out, there is something about riding all day in the heat and then setting up a tent to sleep in the heat. If there was a single tree between Raton, NM and San Angelo (other than the scrub oak), I might have considered it. Instead I have stayed in some flea bag motels. Some have been decent, others had cockroaches that were bigger than my bike. Here is a word of advice to all of you that have travelled and will travel...turn on the lights when you get up in the middle of the night to pee. You may end up like me and have to clean the bug juice from betwixt your toes. 

Jedi-Jack...if you are reading this I have one question for you. Latte!? WTFO! I come to visit you in Houston and you want to go get Lattes! I know it was the morning, but a LATTE? I suppose you could've said an iced, soy, caramel, mochacino and I might not be surprised. I find it more than slightly amusing that the toughest marine I know would suggest getting lattes. This is the same marine that used to tell his staff that he would stab them in the eye as a motivational technique. The same marine that I would think twice about fucking with. Ah shit! I forgot rule #1 and didn't think twice - I am not very smart sometimes!

Miles rolling onward
Blistering heat nauseates
Sweat rolls down my back


Rach said...

Fear not...when you come through Seattle I'll suggest we go out and slug down many pints of beer. Stay-at-home mom: 1, tough marine guy: 0.

BAJ said...

Jack, are you getting this? Sorry for busting you out! For this challenge, my money is on Rachel - you just haven't met Rachel.
For the record, Jack and I share the same taste in coffee drinks and Jack's beautiful and intelligent wife Diane shoots better than he does... what does that make us? Two bald guys that ride motorcycles and like coffee with flavoring?

MDH said...

For the record, my dough is on The Rach as well.

Rob and I listened to your message on speakerphone. Anticipating the comment, Rob matched(with perfect timing and cadence) Jack's "stab your eye out". Awesome. Hope you boys enjoyed your LATTES.

Jedi-J, if you're reading this, I still think you're a real stout lad.

Love and miss you tons already, B-Dawg. Be safe, baby.

Anonymous said...

Having dinner with Brett on Saturday was without a doubt the highlight of my month. It brought back a lot of fond memories. I only wish he could have stayed a few days with us and taken advantage of our hospitality. R&M and J&Y, you guys are always welcome as well as any other weary travellers from our past. Now Rob, you stay away from those nylists and bowling alleys. Good hunting Brett!