Thursday, June 26, 2008

DRAGON(fly) Slayer

I killed 3 Dragons (okay, they were dragonflies) today. It is very disturbing to see a yellowish/greenish-blue ichor the size of a baseball appear on the windscreen. The first one gave me pause - I didn't know what it was that I hit. The second one hit the lip of the windscreen and "sprayed" me right in the face of my open helmet. Very good thing that I ride with my mouth closed... You can't imagine how much juice is in a dragonfly until one hits your sunglasses!

Perhaps Daria and Michael can tell me why all the local (NOLA) weather guessers state that there will be a 50% chance of rain every day. They need to grow a pair and just say that it is going to rain or it isn't. What is up with 50%? That is about as accurate as if I flipped a coin to tell the weather. It seems like what the weather gurus do here. I have brought the rain gear and not been rained on. Then I leave the rain gear and get caught in a Tsunami. What gives? Now I just take everything with me all the time.
I have finally discovered a use for hair dryers... and as you have guessed, (it isn't for the "skullet" that I am thinking of growing. Can you imagine me with a "skullet"?) ... it is now a good way to dry my jeans after I get caught in the rain. Usually riding until my clothes are dry is the method of choice... not so easy when it doesn't stop raining.
Perhaps in my ardor to make it to Alaska by August, I neglected to look into weather patterns of Texas, New Orleans and the South (NOLA is not the South - it is much too gentile to be the South - perhaps more intelligent than the South).
Pic 1: Typical sight along the way. Always a drive thru with whatever you may need
Pic 2: That is one fine looking fountain!!! Even better looking inside where it is beer flowing freely
Pic 3: LaFitte's Blacksmith Shop - the oldest continuous drinking establishment in NO. The place is still lit by candles, but they have found a way to get electricity to power the refrigerators and the TV.

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