Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Come on... Ireland?

Ok, it was amusing that I was mistaken about being from New York. I had a good laugh about it. I am a bit perplexed about today's case of mistaken identity... Ireland. When the waitress said that she hoped I would come back again, I told her that I doubted I would get back this way again (even if I did, the service was crap). Her response was, "Your accent is strange. Where are you from, Ireland?" I couldn't think of anything else to say other than, I have no accent and I sound like people on TV and the movies. She seemed very perplexed at that. I didn't tell here that I thought she had an accent (She is was about the most Cajun person I have met so far), but I made it very clear that her IQ was 10 points lower because of what she said.

The first situation I just attributed to her being from Texas. And Scott, before you get all uppity and defensive about that comment, let me just state that I now know where you get all that hot air. Shit, when Texas doesn't suck... it blows! What a crazy hot place to travel in. I don't know what is worse, West Texas where the roads don't curve and there isn't a tree in sight? Or, Central Texas where the roads don't curve and there isn't a tree in sight. Perhaps it is South Texas where the roads do curve (a little) and there isn't a tree in sight AND it is humid. Actually, Houston was about the time that Texas started looking better - yeah, I know that Austin is the best place in Texas, but I didn't make it this time so I didn't include it. I did like the area around Katy and some of the other areas that I road through.

And THEN I come to a place called Galveston. Sure, it is a beach community close to a large metropolis, but what the fuck is up with the 3 pyramids? It really doesn't compute for me. I never did see the Sphynx, but I did see plenty of chain restaurants. That seems to be all that Texas has. 

 I never thought that I would say that I was immensely happy to cross into Louisiana. What a nice change of pace! Other than the folks from Leesville that I worked with in Iraq, I have nothing but good from LA. It would be a place I could consider living in... Even my bike looks happy as it leaves Texas (no offense to my friends that live there).

I found the axe to be a bit of a puzzle. Don't you usually need the axe to break the glass. Aren't these the axes used in case someone needs to go on a murder spree or just kill a bunch of teenagers at a remote lake wearing a mask. And why frame it? Are they celebrating the fact that it has been used before?


Anonymous said...

In Amarillo, TX, my friend and I were passing through and stopped for a bite to eat (at a chain) and had just ordered at the counter. The gal operating the cash register said,
"That'll be $4.91," and my friend said,
"OK" and after handing her a five dollar bill, dug deep and said, "Here's a penny."
She froze, I'm not kidding, finally looked up and said,
"Now y'all are just tryin' to confuse me."

I think that part of the country is not accustomed to seeing people from foreign lands (Denver) and counting change.

Anonymous said...

Bret, I think the "hot air" you describe in TX left once you crossed into LA. The irony...

May the ticks of a 1000 pasture pups infest the business end of your saddle sore fella.

I, like you, get 'huffy' when someone is clearly being ignorant and contemptuous. In this case you're just plain being an ass b/c your helmet is too tight.

I hope the state someday reverts to the proper temp and barometric pressure again.