Sunday, June 22, 2008

New York

Things that make me go, "hmmmm!"

Upon checking into the hotel tonight, the front desk clerk asked me, "What part of New York are you from?" 
My reply was simply, "The Denver part." 

To which she answered, "Your accent doesn't sound from the mid-west, you must work with people from New York."

When did Colorado fall into the category of "mid-west"? 


violetize the world said...

oh B-dogg i miss you already. I hope you are being safe and not drinkin and drivin...

BAJ said...

Yo Velvet, just drinkin' and walkin' the French Quarter. Way too much like Amsterdam but without the Space Cakes from the Bulldog. I don't really think it is my scene... off to try out a few pubs on Frenchman St tomorrow night (by taxi). Want to see some of the Antebellum style houses and neighborhoods during the daytime.