Thursday, October 25, 2007

25 October 2007

I want to kick myself. Yesterday while I was out walking I wrote down a few new haikus on my Barcelona map only to leave it in my room with all the other tourist crap that just weighed my bags down. I think one had something to do with making a turn up a wrong street and finding some very scantily dressed young Russian girls. While I was flattered that they would find me so “alluring” - I wasn’t fooled that it was my money they desired.

I have found myself in a highly agitated state and it all stems from my train ride to Madrid and the lady at the counter who gave me the ticket. She even repeated in English that she was giving me a first class ticket on the train to Madrid and then proceeded to tell me that there was no train to Madrid at 1530, but that we had to take a bus to Tarragona to link up to the train.

Who ever heard of a train station using buses to take people to a stop on their own routes? That is so absurd that I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around it.

I can think of very few things that I abhor more than tourist type cattle cars that jam as many people as they can in them at the expense of people’s knees. I literally have bruises on my knees from the back of the metal seats and vomit on my shoes from the little girl sitting next to me in the back of the bus. It appears to be chocolate cake, coca-cola and Mike and Ikes.

I find myself in the tourist car (still not as bad as the bus) next to an older Asian couple that has 6 pieces of luggage that won’t fit overhead and takes up the aisle and two seats. It isn’t like the small car that our little group from Denver took over three weeks ago going to Valencia. They (the Asian couple) also have this smell, I am trying not being mean spirited, that comes from eating certain kinds of food all the time. It is hard to describe, but I smelled it inside every apartment building I was in on my trip to Hong Kong.

I recall those apartment buildings very well. We met the owner in one building and then he took us through an area in the building that connected to another building, but instead of empty hallways, we were going through someone’s apartment that had blankets as walls. It seemed that there were three families living in this one little area. From there we went down an elevator to our floor and then our little apartment for the night. It wasn’t much to speak of, but it was better than living with all our belongings behind some blankets and using a free standing propane tank to power our small stove and heaters.

Anyway, what I was trying to get at is that the same smell that exudes from these people’s pores permeated all of Hong Kong’s apartments.

So, I was not given the first class seating that I had when I came up from Valencia to Barcelona, but the seating here is just fine. If I could change one thing it would be the small trash can that is at our small table. It is jamming my knee in about the same place that I have bruises from the bus…did I mention that I hate buses? I suppose that I do miss the nice meal that was brought to my table with wine and my choice of beverages. That was truly a nice experience and one that I thought I would be duplicating on this leg of the journey. There is nothing nicer than a white asparagus, radicchio and tomato salad with a touch of basalmic followed by a steak dish with a mushroom sauce when you are expecting nothing or at the very least…mushy plane fair. It was a much superior meal than what we see on our planes.

This is my last leg of the Spain trip other than the bus it has been a great trip so far. I do wish that I had kept the motorcycle for Barcelona; I started to really jonez for it after the first day. I am hoping that the weather stays good for a few more weeks in Denver so I can get a few longer rides in before the big snows come. From the pictures that Rob showed me, we have had some snow already and it took down some branches from my tree out front. Nothing like the excitement knowing I have a project to work on right when I get back. I was considering just easing back into the real world, but now I have something that needs some immediate attention.

Awful people funk
Why are they so close to me
Please open a window

Olfactory, sigh
What a funny word that is
Is there a young one

Bruises on knees suck
Rug burns would have been better
Back of the short bus

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