Tuesday, October 23, 2007

17 October 2007

Sounds from below speak of a city with a late night heartbeat. It is the sound made by the invisible people supporting our lives; the sound made that doesn’t exist for the people that walk the daylight. The sound is so complex that we tend to allow it to blend into the background. Perhaps it isn’t as complex as one might think…street cleaners, people receiving materials, people delivering food and beer. Why do we do this during business hours?

Did I mention that I just met up with everyone in Seville? Did I also mention that I am sore? Tired? Inspired/reviled by German TV? Not a good thing late at night. What is it about the German language that makes lame telephone commercials seem more erotic than they really are? I have 8 channels at this hotel and MTV turns into a non-stop loop for German phone sex – how droll. The other 7 are in Spanish and don’t even have the same level of sophistication that these commercials do. A pretty sad statement considering that I don’t understand any of it.

Found the restaurant that Chris and I had Christmas dinner at. It is still good and inexpensive and either has grown by adding a second floor or there is a fresh coat of paint up there OR I just didn’t recall it from eleven years ago.

Rode in hot and wet
Had a beer washed for dinner
Eat then rest is good

Night sounds will not stop
Why isn’t hotel sound proof
Heard mouse fart on street

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