Thursday, October 9, 2008

Defining San Francisco

What are the things that we think of when we picture San Francisco? Here are some of mine - 

The Love Festival - what a fun parade! If you look closely you will find something that might please both sexes. I didn't notice until after I had downloaded these.
Loud, raucous and thumping. Plenty of good tunes, warm sunlight and grooving people.
"Bunny robs bank, News at eleven"
THAT'S a tatoo!
Here is my trolly...
Who doesn't define SF by the Rice a Roni jingle?
I suppose some might define SF by the some of the major architecture, but I will always think of the San Francisco treat. Oh, I suppose that Karl Malden will come to mind when I think of the "mean streets of San Francisco". He was a pretty serious dude!
Lombard Street gets plenty of tourists to zig and zag all the way down. It was pretty anti-climatic!
China Town. It would take months to explore this place properly... I did it in 1 hour 45 minutes.
The swim doesn't seem like much to me...

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