Friday, October 17, 2008

Cyrus the Virus

Mike and Kiev (the atomic viral boy)
He doesn't look like much, but one sneeze from this kid and 8 hours later I was already on my 5th Sudafed and 2nd Tylenol Cold tablets, not to mention a whole box of kleenex. There is nothing like being closed in a car with a toddler and turning around just in time for a violent mucus filled sneeze in my face! Nice, wet and... well, you get where I am going with this. I can't wait until he is 21 so I can go out drinking with him and his dad until he pukes (by that time I will be drinking metamucel, so it probably won't be as much fun). Holding his head above the toilet might be payment enough for the past week of this cold, but I doubt it.
A Bird of Paradise and a...
... bird (a Night Heron) and...
... Paradise. I really need to find a palm tree or umbrella for these sunset shots... at least something to add a little contrast.

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