Sunday, November 9, 2008

Los Mochis to Copper Canyon (banditos optional)

Today was to be the day I went into Copper Canyon. I left early in the morning and made it to Choix (about 90 miles from Los Mochis - where I stayed last night. From Choix it is a dirt road for about 120 miles to Creel. The dirt roads are fine, if a bit rugged. I just have to ride a bit slower. As I was leaving Choix after getting gas and water and food for a few days, I was stopped by the Federales who told me about a couple from Switzerland that were robbed and killed there earlier this week. They were also on bikes and for the past 6 months there were robberies and banditos that were holding people up along the next 25-50 miles of this dirt road. Well, since I was born with rocks in my head, I proceeded on past them.

You know, it is one thing if you ignore one person telling you some stories about "banditos", it is another if you are told by the guy at your hotel AND the police. I must've ridden for 15 miles up this dirt road before a pickup truck, with several dudes standing in the back of the bed with shotguns, passed me while kicking dust up enough to blind me. Well, it spooked me that these kids had guns and all sorts of things went through my mind, so I just turned around and sped back to Choix and beyond. As I entered Choix, I waved at the Federales and they just shook their heads. It is funny that it took the power of suggestion and no actual threat to spook me. Those kids in the pickup truck weren't threatening, they weren't even looking at me. They weren't even holding the guns (the ones that were standing), there were two guys sitting in the bed with shotguns on their knees... not really a threat, but it is better safe than sorry.

Well, that is why I started to think about heading north to Denver. Nothing like having your plans dashed by fears. Granted, they were fears that were founded on some intangible and tangible facts, but fears none-the-less.

There are other ways to get there. One is toward Mazatlan and then east to Durango, then north to Chihuahua. I'll head to Mazatlan first and get my head on straight before I make a decision.


Wayne said...

Well, I certainly have been enjoying your adventure and following you since meeting you in Emeryville. How is the MBP holding up? You have been an inspiration and have encouraged me to get back on two wheels and get rid of the four. It is really the only way to travel. I hope your journey is southward and that you find the rode that you are looking for.

"an apple a day keeps the doctor away"

BAJ said...

It took me a minute to connect you with my trip since I didn't recognize "Emeryville". Now that I know that it is a suburb of Oakland, I recalled our talk about your bike (the 650GS) and viewing your pics. I recommend getting another bike. It has been nothing if not exciting and fulfilling. Even those bad days are never really so bad.
The MBP is doing fine - had to transfer some of my pics (about 60 GB worth) to make room for more. Unfortunately, my camera just crashed. It is under warranty... but impossible to do in Mexico.